Karsten Foerster advancing the tie-in point.

Can You Be Rescued?

In the various recreational climbing disciplines, you will often hear risk or hazards categorized in two ways: “subjective” and “objective.” This video is based on a session covering the same topic that he co-presented with Craig Bachmann, CTSP, lead trainer and manager with Tree133 LLC, at TCI EXPO ’23 in St. Louis, Missouri.

MRS and SRS both have their benefits. You may find a blending of these systems to be appropriate for complex jobs.

Climbing Efficiency

When it comes to teaching climbing in the tree care industry, we need to focus more on strategy and efficiency.


Arborist Skills: Aerial Lift Rescue Aerial lift rescue is a necessary facet of well-rounded jobsite training. Set up a scenario where the bucket operator is rendered unconscious while aloft and practice a controlled lowering of the boom. It’s best to have two people “catch” the bucket when the tilt function is activated, as this video demonstrates.

Safety kit

Product Review: North American Rescue First Aid Kit When selecting a first aid kit suitable for tree work jobsites, pick one that has several blood stoppers items such as a tourniquet, and extra-large gauze pads and tape to secure wound dressings. Keep in mind that specialty training is required to properly use a tourniquet. In this video, you can check out the […]

Stepping up the ankle support.

HAIX Airpower XR26 Work Boots

I tracked down Aidan Gray on a job site in February 2024 to get his views on the new Airpower XR26 work boots from HAIX. HAIX North America Inc. is a seven-year TCIA corporate member company based in Lexington, Kentucky. This review/debut reflects the thoughts and opinions of the reviewer as a user and does not constitute […]

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