TCIA Product Review: The Ronin Lift Power Ascender

One of the health-related issues that climbers throughout the tree care industry struggle with is repetitive stress on muscles and joints. Climbing activities, such as ascending tall trees, can be harmful to joints and muscles. Ronin has addressed that problem by designing an innovative climbing tool that allows climbers to access the tops of the trees with significantly reduced repetitive stress. It is a battery-powered personal ascender called the Ronin Lift, and it has allowed many climbers to be more efficient and productive on a daily basis. This review was conducted at TCI EXPO in 2019 by Corey J. Shepard, CTSP.

Note: This review reflects the thoughts and opinions of the writer as a user, and is not an endorsement of any specific company, product or service. Every entity or individual should review and test all products for applicability, safety and efficacy in their particular operation.

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