Rigging Is a Team Sport

There are few aspects in tree work that require coordinated teamwork. Efficient climbers can perform a good portion of their trim work without the direct aid of a ground person. Ground workers can usually process and transport tree debris to the chipper without aid from a co-worker. If the material is too large, it can […]

Tools of the Trade

“The best investment is the tools of one’s own trade.” – Ben Franklin As a production climbing arborist and trainer, I am often presented with the question of “What tools do I need to do the job?” Unfortunately, there is no easy one-size-fits-all answer. The reality is that the answer is mainly contingent upon the […]

Making A Case for In-Tree Chain-Saw Protection

Another year has arrived, and once again the tree industry finds itself high on the list of America’s most dangerous jobs. Surprise! Tree work is dangerous – something about climbing 100-foot-tall trees attached to a 1/2-inch rope while wielding a high-powered chain saw really makes for a hazardous work environment. Fortunately, much of the risk […]

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