Is It Time to Start the Transition to Battery Chain Saws?

As recently as 10 years ago, the typical industry stance on Single Rope Technique/Single Rope System (SRT/SRS) was pessimistic at best, and the idea of outfitting tree crews with mini skids was seen as a major waste of resources. It’s crazy how blind we so often are. Now, I can’t imagine handling a full production-climbing […]

Houe with a tree trunk and equipment tied around the tree.

Under New Management: The Leonardi Friction Manager

When I first caught the gear-addiction bug about seven years ago, I remember consistently being surprised or excited about a brand-new piece of climbing or rigging kit that I had no idea was even in development. After years of compulsively lurking on the websites of gear manufacturers and retailers and sifting through endless gear threads […]

A Look at Pfanner’s Updated Bluetooth Communication System

Since its initial launch in 2012, the Pfanner Protos Integral Helmet has been building a reputation as one of the premier personal protective equipment (PPE) items in the world of industrial safety. The “integral” refers to its integrated ear, face and neck protection, with a chin strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer […]

Not Just Another “Nice Guy”: Dave Stice’s Journey to Living a Life on Rope

Every once in a while, you have the opportunity to meet someone you have long admired. For whatever reason, these meetings often are disappointing. But not always. I recently had the opportunity to meet Dave “Niceguydave” Stice at TCI EXPO ’22, and, fortunately, Stice was not at all disappointing. The “Niceguydave” moniker, by the way, […]

Rigging Is a Team Sport

There are few aspects in tree work that require coordinated teamwork. Efficient climbers can perform a good portion of their trim work without the direct aid of a ground person. Ground workers can usually process and transport tree debris to the chipper without aid from a co-worker. If the material is too large, it can […]

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