Are Emojis Appropriate for Use in Business Communications?

Laughing/crying face emoji. Heart eyes emoji. Dare I say it … poo emoji. These are relatively common to see when browsing social media, and you may even use emojis yourself. Before emojis, there were emoticons. Remember those fun, sideways faces that only required a keyboard and some imagination? 🙂 History of emojis Carnegie Mellon professor […]

tree-inventory software

Tree-Inventory Software: Taking Technology to the Trees

Cubical life isn’t for everyone. Countless articles and blogs outline the many reasons desk jobs are terrible for your health. Furthermore, the technology used at work also causes problems, such as typing too much leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and staring at a screen harms your vision. On the flip side, research has shown that […]

Kellie Dodds: Chief Executive Motivator

I’m settling into an empty office I’ve borrowed for this phone call, knowing it’s a quiet day because everyone else is at a trade show, and therefore it’s the best day to do some freelance work over my lunch break. No interruptions. Despite having this quiet space, I’m nervous as I do a last-minute check […]

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