Photo 2: Improved technology leverages better work quality while increasing the productivity of vegetation-management operations. TCIA file photo, Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer courtesy of Jarraff by Prinoth.

ANSI A300, Clause 5, Expands Use of Mechanical Pruning

Revisions to ANSI A300 standards often reflect emerging research or attempts to balance tree health with economics and safety. A good example is root cutting. In a perfect world, we would not cut a living root. But in reality, we recognize that site development inevitably requires cutting tree roots. By defining root-protection zones and processes […]

In Defense of Utility Pruning

The work of utility arborists is out there for all to see, and most people have an opinion about it. There is certainly plenty of discussion, both pro and con, about the amount of pruning and the appearance of trees following the work. What many do not understand is why the work is necessary and […]

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