Tandem-climber removals can improve production, says August Hunicke, shown with a fellow climber. “So many options. More stuff hitting the ground.”

Justifying Two Climbers on Takedowns

Justin Donahue, owner of Donahue Arborists in Honolulu, Hawaii, seasoned International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) competitor and a veteran tree worker with more than 30 years in the industry, talks from a place of experience. And fatigue. He’s accustomed to ascending Hawaii’s monster tropical trees, and he says that climbing can “be a lot” some […]

Worker in a tree wearing green shirt and red helmet sitting on a branch tossing a brown rope

Making Rope Management Part of the Plan

Perhaps one of the least-sexy topics in all of arboriculture is that of rope management. It doesn’t get the same attention some other topics do, but probably deserves more than it gets. This article is a brief attempt to shine a light on an underrated and underappreciated part of tree work. Rope management is a […]

Judging the Validity of the Tie-In-Point Pull Test

There are probably as many reasons to climb as there are climbing arborists – the challenge, the excitement, the exercise, the new view each day. I contend that freedom is what we most desire. We climb so we can be free of the physical limits placed upon us by our earth-bound bodies. Free of the […]

The Budding Network of Grapple-Saw Operators

They have names aplenty: knuckle booms, grapple booms, grapple saws, grapple cranes, truck-mounted knuckle booms and knuckle-boom grapple saws, among others. We’ll refer to them as “grapple saws” for this article. Whatever you call them, when you conjure an image of one, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? An ogre-sized piece of machinery […]

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