Looking down from up in a tree worker in orange shirt and black helmet tying green rope around cut tree trunk

Taking Friction Into the Canopy

Trends are phenomena that sweep through our culture constantly. Some are new and original, others a rendition of those that came before. Then there are those that resurface. The rediscovery of something that had previously come and gone. The tree world is no different. However long you’ve been in tree care, you’ve likely seen at […]

Extend Your Climbing Career with Proper Maintenance

It began somewhere around late summer or early fall of 2011, I believe. I woke one day to find that my wrist just didn’t want to move the same way. My thumb could barely move, and when it did, there was stiffness and popping. It never had done that before. “What the heck is going […]

Rigging Wood in Tight Quarters

The space was tight. The margin for error was even tighter. The crown of the once-illustrious beast that overhung the owners’ house – and the neighbors’, and the other people’s garage and the wires – is now on the ground. You’ve utilized all of your knowledge about rigging basics creatively to solve this puzzle. There […]


Urban Rigging: Working in Tight Spaces

Urban rigging is, essentially, tight-quarters rigging. While you can find this scenario anywhere trees need to be worked on in close proximity to structures, it is nearly the norm in urban environments, from the street trees that have found a way to thrive in their impossibly small curbside planting pits to the backyard big boys […]

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