Getting Paid for Storm Work – A New Formula

While this article could be construed as promotion of a new product/service, TCI Magazine editorial staff felt that the issues discussed in it and the solutions the product may provide could not be separated, and that the topic is important and topical enough to publish the discussion.– Editor For years, I’ve wrestled with how to […]

Planning for Storm Work? What to Know Before You Deploy

Getting ready to deploy? Feeling ready to get gritty and grungy? Sleeping in a hammock off the boom (yeah!), no showers and cold cans of soup with hot Gatorades? Hurricanes and storms are coming, and maybe you’re starting to feel that pull. Yup, it’s that time of year again! After my 25 years of responding […]

Misconceptions About Property-Insurance Coverage for Trees on Houses

Disclaimer: The following article discusses generalities of property-insurance policies and is not to be taken as legal advice or definitive information about specific coverages or specific loss. Every policy is different, and to interpret each policy, the insured must consult a licensed public adjuster or an attorney in their state. With the internet enabling the […]

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