Tree on a roof showing a difficult tree removal

Dealing with Difficult Tree Removals

There is nothing more difficult and exhilarating than being challenged to remove a tree that doesn’t fit the norm. The biggest risk I see with this proposition would be not giving the situation the level of thought, creativity and focus it requires. Attempting to perform the task by doing things the way “they’ve always been […]

Longevity as an Arborist

The topic of longevity continues to arise as a major discussion point among my peers. This has invoked a desire for me to ponder my history in this amazing industry and the events that helped me not only stay focused but allowed me to progress regularly over time. While I do not believe my path […]

Tips for Your Next Crane Job

After decades of working with cranes, I have learned some simple techniques and tips that help me gain safety and add productivity to nearly every job. One necessary ingredient that will solely rely on you is deciding when to use these tips. Tips are great to have in your arsenal, but success is shaped by […]

Let’s Talk Rigging

Tree-removal rigging may be the least-understood discipline in all of tree care, yet it is one of the most called upon in our daily tasks. Some of the first jobs ever completed in the history of arboriculture involved removing dangerous trees before they failed. I would also argue that it is the most dangerous part […]

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