Letters, Emails & Voicemail June 2022

Rick Howland takes a bow To TCIA and its members: After a 56-year career as a journalist, ranging from crime reporter to magazine owner/publisher to running my own pr/advertising agency, and including 28 years writing for TCI Magazine, with my May 2022 TCI article I’m calling it a career – I’m retired. I thank you […]

Minimizing Fuel Costs for Compact Loaders and Skid Steers

The little brutes – compact loaders and skid steers – are hardworking, labor saving and economical to be sure, but in day-to-day operations, there are ways to economize further with them, especially with the painful rise in fuel costs. For this article, we found there are a lot of little things, some free, that add […]

Fall-Arrest Harnesses Are Saving Lives

While the increased use of aerial lifts has increased productivity and made working aloft safer in many respects, along with these lifts have come new dangers – in the form of falls. The results of these falls can be seen almost monthly in TCI Magazine’s “Accident Briefs” feature, in the reports of injuries and even […]

A Turning Point for Women in Tree Care

If we were to assess the status of women in the tree care industry in their view, it would boil down toa) women now are an established, integral part of the industry and are growing more so every day; b) they largely have grown way past the stage of being a novelty and needing acceptance […]

Supply-Chain Woes Overhang Tree Care

This is the second in an occasional series on the worldwide supply-chain disruptions. The first, “Need a Truck? The News Isn’t So Good,” TCI Magazine, October 2021, touched on the trucking side. This time, TCI takes a broad look at the subject, cutting through multiple industry segments. Sometimes it’s the little things, and sometimes the […]

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