CAUTION: Working with Aerial Lifts in Winter

Long before you and your aerial lift leave the yard this winter, ask yourself if you and the machine are ready for what the season can throw at you, from the time you depart to the time you return at the end of the job. Winter can mean different things depending on where you operate […]

Partnering for Response Ahead of the Storm

As profitable as storm work can be for tree crews that clean up after Mother Nature’s messes, there are ways for companies to form partnerships ahead of time to make the opportunities more numerous, less problematic and more profitable. Storm networks are lead-generating organizations that work with insurance companies and homeowners to coordinate all the […]

Choosing the Right Attachment for Your Loader

There are two primary factors to consider when selecting attachments for a loader. The first is matching the capacity of the loader or tool carrier to the attachment to make sure the grapple or other tool you choose is sized to work properly and safely with your loader. Second, and the more obvious one, is […]

Ins & Outs, Ups & Downs of Rigging Rope

Rope may seem simple, but close inspection reveals it is complex in its construction as well as in its application and use. This is especially true with ropes for climbing and rigging in tree work. This article will look at the selection and use of rigging rope. Universally, manufacturers say that selection of a rigging […]

Climbing Rope Selection – It’s Your Life on the Line

Criteria for selecting climbing rope is similar to that of rigging rope (“Ins & Outs, Ups & Downs of Rigging Rope,” TCI Magazine, July 2020) in that it all boils down to application and use. “When I started climbing, rope selection was easy. There was one choice; it was a multi-plait rope that was one […]

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