Group Think vs. Safety Culture

When I think about how industry in general approaches the analysis of an incident, several specific areas of focus come to mind. We look at the outcome, events, work methods, tools, environmental factors and personnel training. We research standard operating procedures and company safety policies. Prior safety records are analyzed. Additionally, third-party groups can be […]

Patient Assessment for Tree Crews

Let’s talk patient assessment. If we look back at the progress of aerial rescue (AR), we can see the industry trending toward an emphasis on the patient and their condition rather than getting up the rope and back down with the patient as quickly as possible. My point is, the emphasis on speed alone can […]

Professional Interoperability: Working With First Responders

Let’s begin our thought process by considering the workplace incident where you cannot perform a rescue of an injured climber aloft. Perhaps an aerial rescue (A/R) is not appropriate for the patient’s condition or injury, because of a lack of personnel trained in A/R or for myriad other factors preventing completion of the rescue prior […]

TCIA Arborist Skills: Tree inspection – A continuous process

Steve Connally discusses how to perform a tree inspection. Steve Connally, CTSP and ISA Certified Arborist, is owner and operator of Adaptable Aerial Solutions, LLC, a two-year TCIA member company based in Suffolk, Virginia. A production climber for 23 years, he is also an NCCCO Licensed Crane Operator, a Crane Safety Climber School instructor and […]

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