Removal of the tree left the property exposed

Taking the 10th: The Guide Is Just a Guide, I Guess

The opposing attorney walked toward me jauntily. “So, have you heard the one about how many opinions one would receive when employing 10 arborists to appraise a tree?” “Yes. Do you know what one would call 100 lawyers in a basement?” I replied. To myself. Hours after the trial was over. “Ha, ha” was my […]

Applying Aerial-Rescue Skills in a Real-World Emergency

Aerial rescue is something we practice but hope to never have to use. Over the years, there have been many advances in climbing gadgets and different equipment used in the field, but aerial-rescue principles and processes have pretty much remained the same. There are definitely a number of things to take into consideration before and […]

Not Just Another “Nice Guy”: Dave Stice’s Journey to Living a Life on Rope

Every once in a while, you have the opportunity to meet someone you have long admired. For whatever reason, these meetings often are disappointing. But not always. I recently had the opportunity to meet Dave “Niceguydave” Stice at TCI EXPO ’22, and, fortunately, Stice was not at all disappointing. The “Niceguydave” moniker, by the way, […]

Honey Brothers and TreeKit now under the VSG umbrella

Vertical Supply Group (VSG), a TCIA member company based on Greensboro, North Carolina, in October 2022 acquired Honey Brothers and TreeKit, two United Kingdom arborist retail and product development organizations. These acquisitions will expand VSG’s footprint outside of North America and solidify VSG’s partnerships with the leaders and teams at both organizations. The Honey Brothers […]

Having the “Trees and the Bees” Talk

A Dallas homeowner calls a local tree-service company to have a broken hanger removed and to get a pruning estimate for their backyard pecan tree. When the sales arborist arrives, the homeowner points out honey-bee activity around a cavity in the tree. The homeowner is told they will need to have the bees exterminated before […]

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