Virtual Summit’ 21 – Get your photo on the cover

Get your photo on the cover of TCI Magazine! Just upload your photo (highest resolution possible), select the cover background you would like (A, B, or C) and we will send you a .pdf of you on TCI Magazine’s cover absolutely FREE. Print it to hang in the office, or use it on social media, […]

Know Your Saw Chain

Chain-saw professionals talk shop about a valuable component that might be more complicated than you think. When John Allen was growing up, his parents owned a Stihl dealership in southwest Virginia. As dealers, they were well versed in the details of the equipment and about local conditions that might favor one saw chain over the […]

Granberg G777 Alaskan Small Log Mill

Sentimental value – it’s a common issue when removing a tree on a client’s property or your own. They hate to see it go, but it keeps dropping limbs, or it’s got oak bracket, or etc., etc. You may get asked by the homeowner to cut a few cookies or buck some firewood, but that […]

DPL AssetView Max GPS tracking system

DPL Telematics’ new, portable AssetView Max is designed to be a long-lasting, battery-powered GPS tracking solution for wireless monitoring of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The self-contained AssetView Max installs in seconds, requires no external power and can last up to 10 years on a set of […]

How to Wreck Your Lowering Device

Ed Hobbs created a sensation at the 1979 Northern California Tree Trimmer’s Jamboree when he gave the first public demonstration of the first commercially feasible, ratcheting lowering device in recorded arboricultural history, aptly named the Hobbs Lowering Device. I was there. I was mesmerized, as were most of those in attendance. Hobbs said the greatest […]

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