Green plastic bucket

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Ultimax 1500 Dielectric Hydraulic Fluids

Renewable Lubricants’ patented Bio-Ultimax 1500 Dielectric Hydraulic Fluids are designed for use with aerial lifts, grapples saws, compact lifts and other arborist equipment where high dielectric (>35 kV) insulating properties are desired. These fluids are available in ISO 22-, 32-, 46- and 68-weight formulas that meet or exceed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) […]

chainsaw chain with black background

Husqvarna X-Cut saw chain

Husqvarna’s new X-Cut saw chain is designed to enhance the performance of Husqvarna professional chain saws. A chrome-plating system used during the manufacturing process is designed to keep the chain sharper longer. The X-Cut design features bolstered tie straps for improved durability. X-Cut chains are pre-stretched and ready to be used straight out of the […]

Notch Dual Wedge

Notch’s new Dual Wedge is the pocket wedge, reimagined. This compact dual wedge performs the basic function it’s designed for – it prevents a saw from pinching. But Notch took it one step further. This wedge has a patented interlocking design so that the two sides break apart into two separate wedges. This saves space […]

Doggett Dog-Phite tree-health amendement

The Doggett Corporation’s new Dog-Phite is a soluble potassium phosphite that can be used as a foliar, bark or soil application. Dog-Phite is designed to help reduce plant stress while triggering a plant’s natural defense mechanisms. It contains more active ingredients when compared to similar products onthe market. These include 5.1 pounds per gallon of […]

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