SRS Lowerable Basal Anchors

What a jumble of words! SRS lowerable basal anchors? Is that supposed to actually mean anything? For tree climbers in the know, this string of seemingly unrelated words describes a critical component in aerial rescue.

Let’s break it down: SRS – stationary rope system utilizes a climbing line that is anchored in place. The other option is MRS – moving rope system – which is a climbing system using a rope that moves through an anchor point as the climber ascends the tree.

Lowerable basal anchor: specifically for aerial rescue, a climbing line that is anchored at the base of the tree, and configured in a way that allows the climber to be lowered to the ground by a trained worker.

Ryan Torcicollo and Jeremy Wound of SavATree demonstrate three different lowerable basal anchors for SRS in this three-part mini training series. For additional training on SRS Tree Climbing and Basal Anchors go to the Tree Climber Specialist 2 module in TCIA’s online training station here:

Video 1 of 3
Video 2 of 3
Video 3 of 3

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