Skilled Trades Career Fairs:

Gateways to Talent for Tree Care Businesses

The tree care industry, like other skilled trades, requires a workforce with practical expertise, technical knowledge and a priority for safety. The tree care industry, especially, faces challenges in finding and recruiting qualified professionals. Digital platforms have transformed recruitment, but skilled-trades career fairs are still effective for connecting businesses with future workforce. Attending career fairs can pay off for tree care companies, despite the time and energy required.

Participants were focused on their job prospects during a presentation at Student Career Day ’22. TCIA file photo.

Showcasing hands-on skills

Skilled-trades career fairs let businesses showcase hands-on skills not fully captured on resumes or online profiles. These fairs allow businesses to set up interactive displays and demonstrations that capture the attention and interest of job seekers.

Access to a niche talent pool

Skilled-trades career fairs attract a niche talent pool of individuals specifically interested in pursuing careers in trades. Businesses can access a concentrated group of skilled job seekers with the technical and practical experience required for success in the industry. Participating in these events gives businesses targeted exposure and connections with candidates not actively searching for opportunities online.

Building personal connections

In an industry that values hands-on experience and practical skills, the importance of face-to-face interaction cannot be overstated. Skilled-trades career fairs provide a platform for businesses to personally engage with potential candidates, fostering a sense of trust and rapport. These direct interactions allow recruiters to assess a candidate’s practical abilities, communication skills and enthusiasm for the trade.

Company culture and values

Attending skilled-trades career fairs gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their company culture and values to prospective candidates. With an engaging booth, businesses communicate a commitment to training, a safety culture and professional development. Candidates gauge personal and professional alignment, facilitating better employee-employer matches.

Networking with industry experts

Skilled-trades career fairs bring together not only job seekers but also industry experts, educators and influencers. Conversations with industry experts expand business connections and offer valuable insights into trends and best practices. This knowledge helps tree care companies stay ahead and attract top talent.

Enhancing industry reputation

A strong presence at a skilled-trades career fair enhances a business’s reputation locally and in the industry. By actively participating in these events, businesses demonstrate their commitment to supporting and investing in the future workforce of the tree care industry. A reputation for being present and engaged can give businesses a competitive edge in recruitment.

Erin Demers is TCIA’s manager of workforce recruitment and retention and organizer of TCIA’s Student Career Day (SCD), the student-focused component of TCI EXPO.

For more information on how to participate in and get involved with Student Career Day, contact, visit, then scroll down and click Student Career Day, or, in the digital version of this article, click here.

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