Staying Safe While Performing Line Clearance in California Snow

A string of severe snow storms affecting California this winter resulted in a statewide snowpack that on March 3rd measured 177% of the daily average. The previous record for a single day was achieved in 1969, when the snowpack reached 263% of the daily average. So, as of March 3rd, this is the deepest the […]

Is Self-Esteem Intrinsic to Meaningful Work, and Vice-Versa

Doing what you love and loving what you do. Is this simply an inverse parallelism, i.e., stating the same idea twice? Well, not exactly. When it comes to meaningful work, is the work meaningful as a matter of our own valuation of it, or is the work, simply by its necessity, important? All tasks, roles […]

Safe Job-Site Setup

It has been said that preparation is the key to success. As it relates to safety in tree work, this statement could not be truer. When we think of being prepared, we think of proper training or certifications, proper equipment and tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), knowing job specifics, etc. Once all the above criteria […]

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