Letters, Emails, & Voicemail July 2022

Glasses were ANSI-approved eye protection Loved the June (2022) TCI Mag climbing issue. Lots of great info in all the articles! One of the things I noticed in my article (“My SRT/SRS (R)Evolution!”) was that you mentioned I had not lowered my ANSI Z87-approved visor because I was inspecting my climbing system. Actually, the glasses […]

Transporting Wood Using Cross-Referenced Rigging Techniques

Sometimes you arrive at a potential job site where you know the client wants all the wood removed, and you ask yourself, “How are we going to be able to make this work?” Occasionally, my company gets work for a logging and site-excavation company that does not have climbers on staff and needs unique tree […]

My SRT/SRS (R)Evolution!

Wow! Authoring an article about single rope technique (SRT) – where to begin? I guess the first thing would be to explain the reason behind the title, then describe some of the many fabulous developments I have had the privilege to see and be involved in. First, I want to say a few things about […]

Product Review Video – ECHO CS-7310P chainsaw by Chris Girard

Watch Chris Girard, CTSP give a product review for ECHO’s CS-7310P chainsaw. Click here to read the TCI Magazine March 2021 article. “The ECHO CS-7310P – for the price, you can’t beat it. It could be a great entry tool if you’re just starting out in the field, as well as a daily-use saw for […]

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