Rethinking Leadership

The past three years have been a roller-coaster ride for many tree companies. While supply-chain problems and rising costs presented obstacles, the massive demand for tree care and tree-removal services created a growth opportunity. Over time, new trucks arrived, chippers were repaired and backordered chain saws finally shipped. Throughout, companies competed vigorously for workers – […]

Contract Climbers: An Untapped Training Resource

Developing skilled and productive employees can be difficult, particularly for the owners of small businesses. It requires a consistent investment of time and money, in one form or another. If you’re the owner of a tree care company – or considering starting your own – this article is for you. Most of us did not […]

Canopy Anchors, Part 1

This article is based on a demonstration by Craig Bachmann at the TCI Magazine Trainer’s Test Kitchen demo area during TCI EXPO ’21 in Indianapolis, Indiana, this past November. A canopy anchor is a climbing system that anchors the rope in the canopy of a tree. While a moving rope system (MRS) typically uses a […]

Thinking Critically About Life-Safety Carabiners

Choosing a carabiner for your climbing system, lanyard or redirect sling – all life-safety applications – seems like a simple process. Which brand, what style and, of course, which color do you like best? However, I’ve seen numerous instances of climbers using carabiners that do not meet the minimum safety standards for our profession. And […]

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