The long tassels of the holly demonstrating pruning

American Holly Pruning

Pruning should always be a very specific process. The intent: What are you trying to accomplish? The timing: What time of year is best to accomplish your intent? The amount or dose: How much foliage can you remove without hurting the plant? How often will you need to prune this plant to achieve your goal? […]

Find the Time

As busy professionals, we all have way too much to do every day. Selling work, scheduling work, managing our people, etc. Sometimes we are busy being busy. How do we make time to engage our employees? Whether it is a formal training event or just a brief conversation, how do you make your people feel […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

It was late spring 1986. I was excited to have a job working with a great mentor at a small tree company. At just 19, I knew less than nothing. I loved what I was doing and was eager to learn. There were only three full-time employees and a few subcontractors, sole proprietors who would […]

A Guide to the Pruning Decision Process

As arborists, pruning is a very important part of our work. Most arborists and horticulturalists are passionate about pruning. Most enjoy pruning and believe in their methods. The question is, how do you know what’s right? Pruning should be more than just removing branches. Before you prune trees and shrubs, you need to ask a […]

Open House

Add an Open House to Your Recruiting Toolbox

Are you looking for good people? That’s a rhetorical question, obviously. Who isn’t? A great recruiting tool and, by extension, retention tool is to host an open house at your office. Set a date and advertise well in advance. Post flyers with your agenda on your website, social media and LinkedIn. Reach out to your […]

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