Telematics: Tracking Your Fleet Pays in Many Ways

The pandemic of 2020-21 created another trend for tree care companies, Tony Nicoletti observes. At a time when schedules are full and supply-chain delays have slowed manufacturing, there’s been an increase in stolen equipment. “One of the big issues that’s become more prevalent during the pandemic is the incidence of theft,” says Nicoletti, director of […]

Grapple on a Stick: Small, Safe and Fast

He doesn’t recall the year, but after seeing a demonstration in Switzerland, Dan Mayer saw and bought what he believes was the first tool of its type in America. Mayer was visiting Sennebogen headquarters to buy a chipper and was introduced to something new: a material handler with a telescoping boom and stick fitted with […]

Wireless Headsets: What’s All the Yelling About?

Alex Kundrat has been in tree care for 45 years, starting when he was 15 years old. For the past several years, he’s run both his own tree care company, Cleveland, Ohio-based Alex’s Tree Service, Inc., and Speak Easy Communications Solutions, LLC, a three-year TCIA corporate member company, also based in Cleveland, that sells communication […]

Newest Covid-19 Contagion: Credit Cards

The pandemic of 2020-21 (note to self: we should trademark that) had some interesting impacts on the tree care industry. One of those was to help usher some old-line companies into the 20th century, as they began accepting credit-card payments. Much of the industry has been taking credit-card payments for years, but the year of […]

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