Newest Covid-19 Contagion: Credit Cards

The pandemic of 2020-21 (note to self: we should trademark that) had some interesting impacts on the tree care industry. One of those was to help usher some old-line companies into the 20th century, as they began accepting credit-card payments. Much of the industry has been taking credit-card payments for years, but the year of […]

EOS: System of Simple Steps Creating a Contagion for Tree-Industry Leadership

EOS is infectious, in a good way. And it’s spreading throughout the tree care industry. Alan Jones, former TCIA Board chair, caught the bug when the Association began its foray into the Entrepreneurial Operating System with training three years ago. He brought it from TCIA headquarters in New Hampshire to Virginia and surrounding states. Jones […]

Downsizing Spray Options: Good Things in Small Packages

Originally, Bob Houser’s wheel-mounted IPM Caddie was a tool for his own use. Then people started asking him about it. Now it’s part of a new business venture. The IPM Caddie is a wheel-mounted, portable spray system that includes a gas-powered pump and a 5-gallon tank on a cart. “It’s almost like a gas-powered backpack, […]

Donna Garner: From Firewood Runs to Technology Trailblazer

Arborgold co-founder Donna Garner grew up in tree care. She has memories of her 10-year-old self riding in her dad’s truck with her brothers on firewood deliveries, raking the client’s lawn when her dad took her on a job and performing other tree care-related tasks. Don Francis, Donna’s father, had learned the trade from his […]

Gender Impartial, Finance Is About Knowledge, Service and Reputation

For JoAnn Cucciarre and Tonya Fry, success as commercial lenders in the tree care industry has nothing to do with gender. It’s mostly about knowledge. “When they start talking about the difference between an elevator, a bucket or a diesel, I can talk that with anybody,” says Cucciarre, president of Northern Atlantic Financial, LLC, a […]

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