Aerial view looking down at a metal roof with a tree banch and a worker in a white bucket truck

Choosing the Right Anchor Point

Many of us can vividly remember when we began in this industry. We looked up into trees to watch what that experienced person was doing and likely felt as if there was some bit of magic happening. The ropes, the climbing, the equipment and the drop zones. Oh, the drop zones. I can still see […]

The Sharp End of the Rope

Last year, “Top Gun: Maverick” graced theaters, and it took many of us back to the original movie and its storyline. The original movie was so motivating to folks in the ’80s that the Navy would post-up outside of movie theaters to recruit. We watched as pilots moved at breakneck speed, executing maneuvers that looked […]

Tree Work Ain’t Easy

Tree work ain’t easy. They get big and grow in weird places. They’re heavy, hard, unforgiving, and tend to ooze at times for one reason or another. We don’t know what they’re rated for, demanding that we continue to thrive in their world based on training and experience. That experience, though, is hard fought and […]

But There Are Power Lines Over There!

I am not a line-clearance arborist. I have worked in the residential side of arboriculture my entire career and maintain a healthy respect for what’s flowing through those lines. If I’m being honest, I get spooked when I’m around them. So I do everything I can to keep myself and my work away from them […]

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