Return of Periodical Cicadas in 2021: Biology, Plant Injury and Management

Natural events often occur in predictable cycles. In temperate North America, we are accustomed to the annual production of the leaves, flowers and seeds of our deciduous oaks and maples. Agave americana, the giant agave native to Mexico and Texas, is commonly known as the century plant due to its enormous periodic bloom of a […]

CSI for Bugs, Part 1: Basics for Diagnosing Problems Caused by Insects and Mites

This is part one of a four-part series of articles that has been one component of workshops on integrated pest management and plant health care sponsored by the Tree Care Industry Association over the past decade. It is designed to introduce the basics of diagnosing problems caused by insects and mites on woody landscape plants. […]

Spotted Lanternfly Updates – Feeding, Hosts, Damage and Controls

By now, most arborists have heard of spotted lanternfly (SLF), yet another pest from Asia recently arrived to our country that is creating economic and environmental problems in the eastern United States. First detected in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 2014, SLF is not a fl y at all. Spotted lanternfly belongs to a group of […]

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