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Insights Into Accidents in Tree Care

While it requires making some assumptions, recent fatality data indicates the rate of on-the-job deaths in the tree care industry may be as much as 11 times those of other industries. There were 5,486 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States in 2022, a 5.7% increase from 5,190 in 2021, the U.S. Bureau of […]

Bartlett Tree Experts in Johnson City, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Scott Prophett.

TCIA Presents Safety Awards for 2023 Operations

TCIA annually presents safety awards recognizing individual and/or team actions that may have prevented an injury or saved a life, and for company programs or directives aimed at improving safety. Following here are the awards presented this year for operations in 2023, including the type of award; the individual, crew members or company being recognized; […]

Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop

How Important Is Documented, Up-to-Date Training?

If a safe workforce was a three-legged stool, one of those legs would have to be competency development. The other two legs are a right-minded workforce and safe tools and equipment. In this article, we’ll focus on competency development. Competency development Some people might call this first leg “training,” but since the desired outcome of […]

Consider All the Factors in a Climber’s Fall

Brett Nelson, owner of Good Earth Tree Care in Grand Rapids, Michigan, suffered a serious fall from a tree and chose to share his experience with us. The available information suggests there might be unanticipated issues associated with his climbing system that other climbers in situations like Nelson’s should carefully consider. This summary of what […]

One-handing…the other pandemic

Usually I find arborists (real arborists) to be among the most safety-conscious people there are. Usually when there’s an OSHA rule or an ANSI Z133 requirement, I find arborists trying to comply and do the right thing. Usually. As an industry and as a profession, in the U.S. anyway, we are way out of whack […]

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