But I’m a Visual Person!

It’s a funny thing for a magazine publisher to be saying, but we realize that reading may not be your thing, at least not all the time. In fact, we recognize there may be a segment of tree care professionals for whom reading is never the first choice when learning something new. Or perhaps it […]

Consider All the Factors in a Climber’s Fall

Brett Nelson, owner of Good Earth Tree Care in Grand Rapids, Michigan, suffered a serious fall from a tree and chose to share his experience with us. The available information suggests there might be unanticipated issues associated with his climbing system that other climbers in situations like Nelson’s should carefully consider. This summary of what […]

Winning Hearts and Minds

Steve Pregler’s article (“Celebrating Dr. Alex Shigo,” page 88) took me back to the beginning of my career. In 1986, Al Shigo had just launched his second career as an author and lecturer with Shigo & Trees, Associates. He needed an agent and manager, and he turned to his friends at the National Arborist Association, […]

OSHA Revisits Enforcement

Federal OSHA recently revised its enforcement guidance for the tree care industry by withdrawing a compliance directive issued in 2008 and replacing it with an enforcement memo that in certain key sections is very similar to what it replaced. Here is a link to the new guidance: https://www.osha.gov/memos/2021-06-30/inspection-guidance-for-tree-care-and-tree-removal-operations Particularly disappointing to us is the fact […]

Virtual This & Digital That, Part 2

Last month in this column (“Virtual This & Digital That…”), I talked about TCIA’s virtual/digital events. Online learning is an equally critical area within TCIA’s virtual/digital strategy. As you read this, TCIA has already moved all itscertificate-course testing online, and this summer and fall it has an ambitious plan to bring at least five training […]

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