Face Shields and Eye Protection: Why the Disconnect?

Back when I was getting started in the industry, I was cutting a fallen honey-locust tree by a community pool. As inexperienced people often do, I pinched the saw. Then, also as inexperienced people do, I went full throttle on the trigger while yanking the handle back and forth to try to free it. The […]

Uncommon Tools in the Toolbox

Everyone has their special setup in his or her truck toolbox, often full of sometimes perplexing items. For example, I find that many landscapers have a treasured, handmade weeding or clearing tool they’ve held onto in their family for generations (these are, without exception, always scary looking). In that same theme, here is my list […]

Smartphone Business Apps Are Expanding

“Sure thing, I’ll deal with it when I get back to the office” is a phrase used less and less these days. For many owners, estimators, IPM scouts, crew leaders and consultants, the office is, and always has been, their work vehicle. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have replaced the clipboard. The time crunch also has […]

Battery-Powered Chain-Saw Considerations

More and more, we’re getting told about the burgeoning potential of battery-powered saws in the industry. The technology is constantly improving, with longer running times, shorter recharge periods and greater torque. I feel it has gotten to the point where battery saws now really do have practical applications. So, what do you need to keep […]

The Office Record

At my job, I have the honor of holding a record of some distinction. This record has not been broken in the three years since it was set; no co-worker has even come close. At least twice a year, I get to retell the story of how I achieved it to new employees as part […]

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