Accident Briefs for January 2021

Climber rescued after trapped in palm fronds A tree trimmer who became trapped upside down in palm fronds was rescued by fellow climbers January 5, 2021, in Escondido, California. The man, who was wearing a harness, became wedged in the tree skirt after large fronds fell on him. He was in distress and screaming for […]

March 2021 Letters & Emails

On removing deadwood In his article, “On Removing Deadwood, Part 1” (TCI, February 2021), Jeremiah Sandler states “… we reduced the length of the dead branches to a safe size. After we finished our pruning …” Did finishing the pruning involve removing the rest of the dead branches, or did reducing them to a safe […]

Hultdins Fixed Mount MG Grapple Saw

Hultdins’ new Fixed Mount MG Grapple Saw is available in three sizes for excavators from 5.5- to 25-ton capacity. This new grapple-saw configuration does not require an extra, dedicated auxiliary circuit for the saw function, as it is operated off the grapple’s closed circuit. The only hydraulic requirements are the standard auxiliary “hammer” circuit and […]

Haix Protector Ultra Signal Red boots

Haix’s Protector Ultra Signal Red boots are designed to offer exceptional stability on any kind of uneven terrain and are built for comfort. The brightly colored, signal-red, suede upper works in conjunction with the reflective material at the heel and ankle for increased visibility near the chain saw both day and night. The Protector Ultra […]

SavATree buys Arborwell

SavATree, a 35-year TCIA member company headquartered in Bedford Hills, New York, announced in January its largest acquisition to date with the purchase of Arborwell Professional Tree Management, an accredited, 24-year TCIA member company based in Hayward, California. Arborwell operations include core branches located in Oakland, Redwood City, Sacramento, San Diego and San Jose, Calif., […]

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