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Bandit SG-40W wheeled stump grinder

Bandit SG-40W wheeled stump grinder

Bandit introduced its SG-40W rubber-tire stump grinder at TCI EXPO ’22 in Charlotte, North Carolina, in November. Since developing the SG-40 track, this model has become popular due to its aggressive cutting action and economical price, according to Bandit. Even though the SG-40 has a turf-friendly, rubber-track undercarriage, Bandit saw the need for a rubber-tire […]

Omega Pacific Octavia triple-attachment pulley

Omega Pacific Octavia triple-attachment pulley

Finally, a pulley as unique as the arborist community. Due to the dual-tone finishing process, no two pulleys will ever have the exact same anodized finish. Omega Pacific’s Octavia triple-attachment pulley is designed specifically for climbing systems that require multiple connection points. Octavia is riveted with a tamperproof assembly to create a pulley with tight […]

Latest Features and Safety Tips for Compact Lifts

Compact or tracked lifts have been in use for at least 15 years in the U.S., longer in Europe, and the technology continues to evolve. For this article, we asked key contacts with the manufacturers and distributors of these lifts two questions: 1) What is one thing that is new this year, or in development, […]

Is Aerial Rescue Worth Practicing?

Is aerial rescue worth practicing? The obvious answer is, “Yes!” You are probably one of those climbers who’s practiced aerial rescue (AR) several times. You’ve practiced dumping a training dummy out of the basket of a bucket truck. You may even have competed in the AR event at a climbing competition. If so, spectacular! Practicing […]

Chase Andersen Aims to Keep Himself and His Co-Workers Safe

What makes this full-service tree care company in Boise, Idaho, thrive? In part, it’s the owner’s tireless quest to enhance safety, quality and education at his company. That owner would be Seattle transplant Ezekiel (Zeke) Willard of Idaho Tree Preservation (ITP), an 11-year TCIA member company. And that goal is shared by Chase Andersen, ITP’s […]

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