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Tight tolerances.

Perplexed by Stranded Friction Savers

I don’t know why it always happens this way. Perhaps some kink in the time/space continuum? Even Einstein would be perplexed. Three-thirty on a Friday, end of the day, end of the week, by definition and circumstance the last climb till next week. Almost done, then, the friction saver fails to follow desire and dictate. […]

Zero Energy?

In the aftermath of the 1998 ice storm in Maine, while crown cleaning a large maple over a section of cemetery and road, I remember thinking, “Someone is going to have a handful taking this tree down some day.” A few years later, I was removing some low branches from the same tree over the […]


I Admit, I’m a Sugar Addict

Addiction comes in many forms. Most of them are not healthy. My wife is always on me about steering clear of sugar. We recently had a discussion where I admitted I’m a sugar addict. I’ll just say it – I’ve got a significant sugar addiction. So much so that I sit and think about sugar […]

arborist climbing

Climbers and Gear: What Matters Most?

A lot has certainly changed in the tree care industry since I embarked on my climbing career in the early 1970s. Tools, equipment and techniques have all evolved. Back then, manila ropes were in common use for climbing as well as lowering. The working strength of ½-inch manila rope was more than adequate for climbing […]


Dawn Redwood: The Re-emergence of a Living Fossil

The deciduous redwood tree, Metasequoia, was thought to be extinct when a fossil of it was first “discovered” in China by Shigeru Miki in 1941 or so. And now I have one growing almost in my backyard in California. Part of the reason it was thought to be extinct may have been that it, like […]

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