From the Field

A Great Experience at TCI EXPO ’21

After 2020’s national restriction on live events, tree care workers and merchants were eagerly anticipating TCI EXPO ’21 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Professionals from across the U.S. reconvened to learn, trade and interact with like-minded individuals who share a passion for tree care. This event also happened to be my first TCI EXPO, granting me a […]

A Crack in the Facade

As a registered consulting arborist (RCA), I enjoy my work, but sometimes I enjoy it more than usual. My client has a wall behind a city sidewalk with a vertical crack that he believes was caused by the roots of a city tree along the adjacent parkway. He filed a claim with the city to […]

Finding the Why in Arboriculture

Why?” Such a simple question, but if you spend any time around a child, you will soon discover it may be one of the most complex and difficult questions to understand, and the complete answer to “Why?” is always changing, developing and fleeting. Children ask why to everything. When you deliver an answer, they pause, […]

I Am an Artist

I am an artist. Trees are my medium. Many years ago, my grandfather instructed me to distinguish between the work of craftsmen, or craftswomen, and artisans and artists. Craftspersons’ work, he said, exhibits a fair understanding of their medium. The work of artisans exhibits a deeper understanding of their medium. Artists’ work displays yet an […]

Climate-Change Effects on Trees

Public perception of climate change may differ from yours and mine. Arborists know all too well the reality of climate change. We work outdoors every day, and we see the changing weather patterns and their effect on trees and shrubs in the landscape. It would be wise to take note of these changes. They will […]

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