Keepers of the Trees

The tree care industry has experienced significant changes in the last decade, with equipment and communication advancing how many of us do business. Across the developments within arboriculture, the equipment always seems to steal the show. Everyone loves the large, backyard portable buckets and the 100-foot grapple saws. But how are we advancing the art […]

Building a Business with TCIA

Building my tree care business with the assistance of the Tree Care Industry Association has been the secret to my success. TCIA provided me with resources, training and support. Here are some steps you can take to build your tree business with TCIA. After 38 years of being in business, I have found that building […]

Three people holding a sign for Hoppe Tree Service.

Opening the Door for the Next Generation of Arborists

In June 2023, I was able to participate in a special event – a high-school-apprenticeship signing and graduation ceremony at my local high school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The event had the look and vibe of a high-school student athlete signing up to play for a major college sports team. It was complete with a fancy, […]

head shot of a man in a black jacket

Getting Past My Own Excuses

In 2008, I was just a couple of years into owning my own tree care company. We started from the ground up, just like most other small tree care companies. And we were just starting to pick up a little momentum. There were a couple of severe ice storms, and we were swamped with work. […]

Photo pf Josh Morin

What is Needed?

Recently, I was interviewing a job applicant. I asked about his interests when it comes to work and a career. He spoke of his recent work with the U.S. Forest Service and the profound gratitude he experienced working outside in nature. The applicant also shared a curiosity about the value of the work he was […]

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