Climbing Skills Remain Essential

What an incredible experience was had at TCI EXPO in Indianapolis this past November. The buzz from the showroom floor was centered around the evolution of equipment in our industry. Taller, bigger, faster continues to be the progression of equipment – really impressive stuff. However, the skill that true climbing arborists possess cannot be replaced […]

But I’m a Visual Person!

It’s a funny thing for a magazine publisher to be saying, but we realize that reading may not be your thing, at least not all the time. In fact, we recognize there may be a segment of tree care professionals for whom reading is never the first choice when learning something new. Or perhaps it […]

Getting the Word Out About Quality Tree Care

“Trees need care – trust professionals.” This is a simple message the readers of this fine magazine are sure to understand. However, there is often a disconnect when we look at making this statement understood by the broader public. There is still work to be done in letting our clients, elected officials and the general […]

Winning Hearts and Minds

Steve Pregler’s article (“Celebrating Dr. Alex Shigo,” page 88) took me back to the beginning of my career. In 1986, Al Shigo had just launched his second career as an author and lecturer with Shigo & Trees, Associates. He needed an agent and manager, and he turned to his friends at the National Arborist Association, […]

Finding a Balance for Trees and Profits

Recently, I was able to take a trip to some parts of the country I hadn’t seen before, including the coasts of Northern California and Oregon and back through Yellowstone National Park, most of which is in northwest Wyoming. We hiked through and camped in some wonderful forests, among massive trees and understories that were […]

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