Jim Houston

Always Know Your Numbers

One of the most valuable business lessons I’ve learned came from my father many years ago. My dad had bought a piece of real estate that came with an ice cream business he planned to keep, and it was a business he knew nothing about. After 30 days, he discovered his highest cost was employee […]

Noel Boyer

The Pain of Delegation

This is an article about delegation, but I promise you that I am not an expert on this subject. As I share my experiences and perspective, maybe I will find friends who can commiserate with me as we improve together. Like so many small-tree-business owners, I started from the ground up. In the beginning, I […]

Dad and me during one of my early days on the job. All photos courtesy of August Hoppe

Growing With TCIA

August Hoppe gave the following address after being sworn in as chair of the TCIA Board of Directors during the Association’s annual business meeting, held February 12, 2024, during Winter Management Conference ’24 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Funny how this gavel has circled back. Our Hoppe Tree Service urban wood lab made this gavel about […]

Amy Burkett

Power of Unity and Empathy: Industry Collaboration of Diverse Talents

There is no denying that our world is rapidly changing. The tree care industry is no exception, as it relies on a diverse range of talents and expertise to thrive and meet the challenges of this evolving world. I had the honor last year to sit on the Women in Arboriculture panel at the annual […]

Influencing Public Policy

Today, the influence of government extends into every facet of our lives. From federal to local levels, public policies can have a positive or negative impact on how we live, work and educate our children, depending on your perspective. Many citizens and groups engage in influencing public policy through supporting candidates and political parties. However, […]

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