Noel Boyer, Board Certified Master Arborist and Certified Treecare Safety Professional, is owner of All About Trees, LLC, a 12-year TCI member company. He is also a member of TCIA's Board of Directors.

Protect Your Reputation

In my little company in Springfield, Missouri, we have spent almost 20 years building our assets. I’m usually the guy jumping up and down about my number-one asset, my team of great people. But today I want to talk about our #2 most valuable company asset. We have all the usual stuff – bucket trucks, […]

Internal Customers

When the economy gets rough, and it certainly seems like things are trending that way, certain elements of running a business that were always important become even more important. Great customer service is vital, and the best customer service starts by focusing on your internal customer. An internal customer is an employee, or someone with […]

Full Speed Ahead!

Out of the proverbial frying pan … It seems like only yesterday – oh wait, it was yesterday – that we were all feeling the downstream effects of COVID. Supply-chain issues caused interminable delays on the delivery of new equipment and supplies. A single COVID case would cause an entire business to shut down for […]

Embracing the Trades

Joining the popular narrative of “embracing the trades,” I wanted to share a personal story about my daughter, Hannah, and her work in the trades. During her high school years, there was a tremendous amount of pressure for Hannah to enroll in a four-year university program, with little communication regarding skilled-trade programs. She, like so […]

Paper Tiger?

The Tree Care Industry Association held a Legislative Fly-In during the summer before COVID, and we invited a couple of officials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to talk to our group about impending Entry-Level Driver Training requirements for would-be holders of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Finding good employees is challenging enough. […]

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