Tips and Best Practices for Using Lowering Devices

There are a number of lowering devices designed for tree rigging available on the market today. In this article, we’ll look at best practices for using lowering devices in general and at specific tips for using three of the most commonly used devices, the Port-A-Wrap, the Good Rigging Control System (GRCS) and the Hobbs H-2. […]

Limb Control: When Uncool Rigging Pays

“Sorry about your fence.” Have you ever uttered these words to a client? Yeah, me too. It could have been a fence, birdbath, gutter, roof or solar panel. The list of what is under trees and also breakable is quite lengthy. After all, why would you need to control a 2-inch limb? It’s just a […]

California Line Clearance: Big Trees, Big Power & Big Skills

A two-lane road at 8 a.m. It is hovering around 34 degrees in the high Sierras of California, a few miles east of Quincy, a logging and resort town. A lazy wind plays with leaves by the side of the road. It is lazy because it doesn’t go around, it cuts right through me. A […]

Bend-and-Swing Rigging

OK, here’s what we had to do: Remove two bent birch trees (leaders) that were overhanging a beach. We couldn’t just drop them into the lake, because we had no way to fish them out of the water. They would be partially submerged and ridiculously heavy underwater, and they were already full-length leaders weighing close […]

Tips for Your Next Crane Job

After decades of working with cranes, I have learned some simple techniques and tips that help me gain safety and add productivity to nearly every job. One necessary ingredient that will solely rely on you is deciding when to use these tips. Tips are great to have in your arsenal, but success is shaped by […]

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