Rigging Tools: An Overview for Ground Technicians

With every passing year, the gear available to us in the arboricultural industry continues to evolve and change. In spite of all the latest advances in our tools, the old-school ways often still work and are a key component to understanding the new tools and how they are used. Even with the evolution of climbing […]

Correcting a Misrepresentation in the Tree Worker

In the last issue – literally, since TCIA’s monthly safety newsletter is no longer being published – of the Tree Worker (July/August 2020), the page-12 article, “Rope and Pulley … a Dynamic Duo,” definitely caught my attention. With all due respect to the great staff at TCIA responsible for so many years of solid information, […]

Double-Block Rigging a Hanging Pine

Tree workers all along the Eastern Seaboard for years to come will remember the October 2019 nor’easter. Dubbed a “bomb cyclone,” it set records as the strongest October storm ever in the Boston area, and plunged hundreds of thousands of people into the dark, toppling trees and wreaking havoc across New England. This storm hadn’t […]

Let’s Talk Rigging

Tree-removal rigging may be the least-understood discipline in all of tree care, yet it is one of the most called upon in our daily tasks. Some of the first jobs ever completed in the history of arboriculture involved removing dangerous trees before they failed. I would also argue that it is the most dangerous part […]

Ins & Outs, Ups & Downs of Rigging Rope

Rope may seem simple, but close inspection reveals it is complex in its construction as well as in its application and use. This is especially true with ropes for climbing and rigging in tree work. This article will look at the selection and use of rigging rope. Universally, manufacturers say that selection of a rigging […]

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