Aerial-Rescue Training: Blended Frontiers

About two years ago, Kevin Lunnie, co-founder of Vector Rescue, and his business partner, James Croswell, started looking at the kind of high-risk, low-frequency events that exist for fire-service and technical-rescue teams. Lunnie is a lieutenant with the Danbury Fire Department in Connecticut and a founding member of the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA). Croswell […]

The Job Site, Viewed From a Few Rungs Up the Ladder

The job site is a unique beast to tame; it is complex and simple at the same time. It’s alive and evolving, but most of us tend to get tunnel vision on the tasks and lose sight of the beast that lies before us. With 18 years of experience from different positions in tree care, […]

Progressive Aerial Rescue: Is It an Afterthought?

We’ve been shorting ourselves. When it comes to aerial-rescue training, we, as an industry, have been spending too much time on the same few points while overlooking numerous critical points in the overall incident. We tend to approach the rescue with the mindset of “down to ground as soon as possible,” and then call it […]

Rigging Tools: An Overview for Ground Technicians

Let’s take a look at old-school, natural-union rigging and what it created – friction! This same principle is in play with the new rigging rings that are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry. A rigging ring creates consistent friction aloft, just as a port-a-wrap or bollard-type lowering device would at ground level. It’s […]

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