Influencing Public Policy

Today, the influence of government extends into every facet of our lives. From federal to local levels, public policies can have a positive or negative impact on how we live, work and educate our children, depending on your perspective.

Many citizens and groups engage in influencing public policy through supporting candidates and political parties. However, politicians and political parties come and go. They can be voted out of power as easily as they are voted in. The most enduring method to shape public policy lies in education. When you change the understanding of the people, political parties can change with them.

Within this context, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) appears as a collective voice, advocating for the interests of our diverse membership. Recently, our Board took a significant step by establishing a formal Public Policy Committee. This strategic move is aimed at shaping and aligning our message to influence the legislative process. We hope to advocate, educate and influence issues that affect our industry, including:

  • Review of federal issues: Offer insights on federal legislative and regulatory trends that impact arboriculture. Suggest focus areas related to members’ growth, safety and professional integrity.
  • State-level engagement: Advise on the scope and depth of TCIA’s involvement in state-level issues based on an understanding of federal policy impacts and unique state-level needs and challenges.
  • Strategic guidance and direction: Provide counsel on policy priorities and resource allocation. Assist in evaluating the effectiveness of TCIA’s policy positions and refining its engagement strategies.
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement: Help identify and develop engagement strategies with key federal and state policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Communication and member involvement: Help ensure TCIA’s policy activities and decisions are effectively communicated to members, and that member feedback is incorporated into policy discussions.
  • Monitoring and responsiveness: Advise on the establishment of a system for responding swiftly to emerging issues, shaping outcomes in favor of the industry’s interests.

The Tree Care Industry Association remains steadfast in its commitment to navigating the changing political landscape and its impact on the success and sustainability of our industry.

Art Batson III is president of Lucas Tree Experts, a utility-contractor-accredited, 44-year TCIA member company based in Portland, Maine, and is a member of TCIA’s Board of Directors.

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