Arborist Skills: Pneumatic-air-excavation tool

Pneumatic-air-excavation tools are versatile devices used for many types of soil-excavating operations, including tree-root and trunk excavations. Often, the need to see what is happening underground in a tree’s root zone is critical to making the right management choices regarding tree health. Pneumatic-air soil loosening is the least injurious method to meet the objective and […]

Roots and the Pneumatic Soil-Excavation Tool

I consider roots to be the most critical part of any tree, shrub or plant. Without healthy roots, a plant will not perform. I have noticed that the more vibrant the plant is below the ground, the more vibrant the plant will be above ground. Two important functions of the root system are to anchor […]

snow covered roads

Snow and Ice Versus Tree Care

Snow removal can be an important part of your tree care operation. It also can be a good break from doing tree work. Snow removal can be as simple as slapping a plow on your three-quarter-ton pickup or as involved as using every piece of equipment in your fleet, from your pickups and loaders to […]

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