Employees often leave when retention is not focused on;

Why Did They Quit?

That hopeless feeling when a key member of your team tells you they have decided to leave. The helpless feeling of being blindsided. A million things race through your mind, mostly “Why?” We all have, unfortunately, had this experience. As an arborist, I am often called out to meet with people who tell me their […]

Training Pruning

Storm damage is the ultimate opportunity for arborists to play Monday morning quarterback. Whether it’s our mistake when a client’s tree breaks or we are called to a new property to clean up the mess, there are the inevitable would haves, could haves or should haves. “I wish I had removed that tree.” “If only […]

The Muddy River Tree Preservation Project

Every once in a while, you get to work on an extra-cool project. I was very excited when Dan Mayer asked me to work on a project on the Muddy River in and around Boston, Massachusetts. Being a big fan of Frederick Law Olmsted (often called the father of American landscape architecture), I was really […]

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