Your Fleet Might Be Your Company’s Biggest Exposure

Have you ever considered what is at stake when allowing an employee to drive a company vehicle? First, it is the entrustment of company equipment. Equipment costs money. Some of it costs a lot of money. The sales arborist’s car, a chip truck towing a chipper, a grapple-saw truck – these are significant company investments […]

Attention to Detail Can Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

Tree care is inherently dangerous work. This shouldn’t be accepted as “the way it is” or worn as a badge of honor. Tree care can be less dangerous today than it was in the past. Three factors that have impacted safety in the industry over time are: • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Safety gear […]

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? Just About Everyone.

Professional liability insurance is also referred to as errors and omissions (E & O), or, in the tree care industry, arborist E & O. Professional liability coverage is designed to protect the arborist from liability incurred because of errors and omissions when providing professional services. Most of the work of a consulting arborist qualifies as […]

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