Let’s Build Strong Foundations (We and the Trees) by Removing the Dirt on Top

You may be wondering what we and the trees have to do with foundations. For anything to be successful, it must have a strong foundation, and this is no different when we discuss tree health. While trees are amazingly resilient, many silently struggle for multiple reasons. One very common reason is how they were planted […]

Arborjet AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD

This product debuted at the new TCI Magazine Product Unboxing Ring at TCI EXPO in Indianapolis, Indiana, in November 2021. For this review, we’re unboxing the Arborjet AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD, a four-gallon, battery-operated, backpack application tank Arborjet put out this season. We’ve worked with it a little bit and have found it to be […]

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