Arborjet AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD

This product debuted at the new TCI Magazine Product Unboxing Ring at TCI EXPO in Indianapolis, Indiana, in November 2021.

A closed-circuit hose system continually recirculates and agitates the mixture. Unless otherwise noted, photos by TCIA staff.

For this review, we’re unboxing the Arborjet AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD, a four-gallon, battery-operated, backpack application tank Arborjet put out this season. We’ve worked with it a little bit and have found it to be absolutely amazing.

It arrives in two boxes. There’s a little assembly required; however, it’s very easy and very quick, and you’ll see how easy it is to use.

Arborjet’s AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD. Photo courtesy of Arborjet.

It comes with an 18-volt battery, which makes for quiet early-morning applications. The battery holds a charge for about 16 refills of the backpack, approximately 64 gallons. We’ve never had a concern about the battery dying in the middle of a complex treatment. This battery is easy to install – simply click it into the compartment and close the lid, and your battery is connected.

The device itself is about 11 pounds. With the handle installed directly on the equipment, the AccuFlo is easy to carry around.

There are two attachments for the hoses on the lower part of the tank. The closed-hose system recirculates and agitates product constantly, so you don’t need to open the tank to mix materials during an application.

It delivers a precisely measured, repeatable dose. In plant health care, that is crucial for our growth regulators. When it comes to treating with growth regulators, we want to deliver the same dose every time so we’re not overregulating our trees. The AccuFlo will deliver between 10 and 300 ml of fluid, and we can adjust the measured hard-stop controller. The hard-stop controller locks into position with a slight turn to the left or right, making the dose accurate and repeatable.

A single fill/deliver lever keeps things simple.

On the back side, you’ll find the lever to operate the fill and deliver functions. Move the level to the “fill” marking and material is drawn into the feeder needle, then move the lever to the center position to stop. Next, move the lever to the “inject” setting to deliver the product. Move the lever again to the “fill” setting for the next injection. As it’s filling, you could walk to your next injection site, and the device is ready to deliver.

The AccuFlo also can be set up to deliver foliar sprays up to about 20 feet, which is perfect for smaller ornamental trees and shrubs. You also can do bark spray applications and soil drenches. It comes with three different nozzles for your different applications – flat, band or adjustable – so you can change it up for whatever your needs require.

One of the best parts about the AccuFlo is that it has a very low carbon footprint. As a battery-powered device, with no use of fossil fuels and no emissions, air and noise pollution are not a factor.

The compact, mobile unit can make for quick work of a large property.

This is a very innovative tool, especially if you’re looking to get into plant health care. Your productivity and profitability can certainly go up using a tool like this, due to its adaptability. As tree care professionals, we want to be able to offer solutions to our customers. So, whatever your needs may be for the day – maybe you have a couple of foliar sprays, maybe you have a couple of bark sprays – this allows you to provide that PHC solution with the right dose every single time. You don’t have to worry about calibrating the equipment or making complex calculations. There’s nothing to do other than simply take it out of the box, put it together and get moving.

Kathy Glassey is director of renewable resources for Monster Tree Service, an 11-year TCIA member company based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

This review reflects the thoughts and opinions of the reviewer as a user and does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the product referenced, and is not an endorsement of any specific company, product or service. Every entity or individual should review and test all products for applicability, safety and efficacy in their particular operation.

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  1. I was looking for an opportunity to buy such a device for work in Ukraine for so long that I eventually created a similar one from commercially available spare parts. And the most difficult thing was to buy a quality valve with a pistol grip

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