From the Field

Accident Investigation: Sharing Lessons from a Tragic Experience

This article is being published in a joint effort between TCIA and BDG Trees, LLC, to openly share the investigative findings of a fatal accident that occurred in August 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is our shared belief that by openly communicating throughout the industry the lessons learned and corrective actions taken, we can […]

Why Did the Squirrels Go Nuts?

It was the fall of 2018, and I was shooting a round of golf with my brother-in-law. He’s a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service and therefore does a lot of driving. He mentioned to me that he thought it was going to be a very bad winter. He based his conclusion on the […]

What goes around …

TCI Magazine launched in June 1990, and the first TCI EXPO was in held October of that year. This column is a reprint of the “Outlook” column from the December 1990 issue of TCI, when Robert Felix was the publisher and Peter Gerstenberger, now publisher, was associate editor. Some of its messages and the sentiments […]

Rescuing Wildlife Is Good for Them and Us

I received a call in mid-September 2020 from Audubon Florida’s EagleWatch program. While studying an eagle’s nest on Marco Island, just off of Naples, Florida, someone noticed a cast netting – used by those fishing for shrimp or baitfish – entangled within the nest site. Entangled birds cannot defend themselves against predators, cannot feed themselves […]

Sharing Experience in the Wake of the 2020 Midwest Derecho

About a week-and-a-half after the August 10, 2020, derecho that moved through and devastated a large swath of the upper Midwest, I made a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, perhaps one of the hardest-hit urban areas in its path. The shear devastation was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Straight-line winds of up to […]

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