Gloves: The Overlooked PPE

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is what you need when everything else has gone wrong. You don’t need a helmet until your head has been impacted by an outside force, usually a branch stub. You don’t need cut-resistant leg protection until the saw kicks back into your leg. We wear PPE to keep the consequences […]

Tree Worker Safety Update By the Numbers: Another Us vs. Them

Another year, and arboricultural operations are still among the leading industrial activities for fatal and nonfatal injuries. Compared to all industries, tree workers have at least 15 times the fatality rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020a) and three times the nonfatal rate (BLS 2018). You might take some comfort in the nonfatal rate being “only” […]

Injuries Involving Handsaws and Pole Saws: Another Us Versus Them

Handsaws and pole saws – what more basic pruning tools are there than these? Handsaws are mandatory for most tree crews. Every time their feet leave the ground, whether climbing the tree or flying the aerial lift, a tree worker must have a handsaw with them. Pole saws extend the radius of our reach. They […]

An Analysis of Wood-Chipper Nonfatal Injuries: Us Versus Them

Chippers are on the short list of equipment that is essential for many arboricultural operations. These machines can convert entire trees into compact volumes that are easily transported. The shredded material also becomes a valuable commodity with far more uses – biofuels and mulch, to name two – than the traditional firewood market for brush. […]

Chain-Saw Injuries: Us Versus Them

Chain saws are among the most basic tools for tree workers. While we once performed pruning and felling with one- and two-person crosscut saws, no one would want to return to those days. The chain saw is also the power tool we most share in common with homeowners. Most people do not own an aerial […]

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