Business of PHC, Part 5: The Science – Host Species and the Things That Affect Them

Plant health care (PHC) is the science and practice of understanding and overcoming the succession of biotic and abiotic factors limiting plants from achieving their full genetic potential in our landscapes and urban forests. Plant health care has been practiced as long as modern arboriculture itself and, as a science-based concept, is an important component […]

Business of PHC, Part 4: Who Do You Need on Board to Get Started?

For the fourth installment of this series, we asked a number of industry professionals what we thought was a pretty simple question regarding staffing, training and credentials: “Who is the first person an owner needs to hire, and/or what is the first credential or skill a new or veteran employee needs to have or attain […]

Business Of PHC, Part 3: How to Equip Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re thinking of taking the leap into plant health care (PHC), this acronym seems appropriate: KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly (“Stupid” doesn’t seem fitting here). It can seem daunting when it comes down to what equipment and materials you’ll need to purchase in order to launch your new PHC program, but if you […]

The Epicormic Conspiracy

Despite the tremendous volume of literature and material available on tree biology and tree biomechanics, one of the most common sentiments heard from tree workers and salespeople goes something like this: “We’ve gotta remove those suckers because they steal energy away from the tree!” This type of statement is expected from homeowners who aren’t well […]

CSI for Bugs, Part 5: Insect Products Provide Clues

This article is the fifth in a series for TCI Magazine by the author designed to help arborists understand and diagnose problems caused by insects and mites on woody landscape plants. The first article, “Basics for Diagnosing Problems Caused by Insects and Mites” (TCI, November 2020), focused on using signs and symptoms to help pin […]

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