Trees and Water: A Critical Relationship

I pride myself on being a knowledgeable arborist, always a student, staying current and being as ethical and honest as I can be. So I told myself, let’s get your dry-erase board out and start jotting down everything you know about water and trees (Figure 2). Wow, there is a lot! Then it came down […]

Let There Be Light: Plant Health Care and the Tree-Turf Conflict

We call it plant health care, but our focus as arborists is tree health care. While our clients are interested in attractive ornamental and shade trees – after all, that is why they call us – they often are more interested in maintaining a uniformly green lawn beneath their trees. They also want turf heath […]

Start a Spray Business with a Small Investment

What does it mean when someone tells you that a one-person crew with a full day’s schedule of tree spraying can generate as much income as a four-person crew and a chipper? It means there’s an opportunity to establish a new income stream that’s steady, expandable and repeatable. It means that you can spray your […]

The Most Common PHC Issues – and Solutions – Around the U.S.

What in the past might have been described as hip, hot or happening today is called trending. Plant health care for trees is trending. All the definitions of plant health care, or PHC, for trees boil down to maintaining or improving the appearance and health of woody plants in their own settings and doing it […]

Custom-Built PHC Vehicle – Van-tastic!

Crawford Tree’s plant health care (PHC) van was researched, developed and built in-house. It’s a representation of the company’s approach to PHC. Jon Welch is excited about having built a better mousetrap. Welch is president of Crawford Tree & Landscape Services, Inc., an accredited, 42-year TCIA member company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and serving the […]

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