CSI for Bugs, Part 1: Basics for Diagnosing Problems Caused by Insects and Mites

This is part one of a four-part series of articles that has been one component of workshops on integrated pest management and plant health care sponsored by the Tree Care Industry Association over the past decade. It is designed to introduce the basics of diagnosing problems caused by insects and mites on woody landscape plants. […]

Increasing Your PHC Sales: the Bookends

What a long, strange trip it’s been. I think that old Grateful Dead line certainly sums up 2020. In talking to many colleagues across the country, I’ve found this will certainly be a year that in many ways they want to forget. While many sectors of the service industry are closing their doors, we are […]

Jack O’ Lantern Fungus: A Trick Pathogen?

Several mushroom species that are known as the Jack O’ Lantern fungus are very common on and around oaks and other species in the late summer and fall (Photos 1 & 2). Knowing this fungus (Photo 3) is important to arborists, as it looks very similar to the well-known, root-killing and decay pathogen Armillaria (Photo […]

Identifying Wood-Decay Fungi

Tree care in the urban landscape often involves management of tree health, but due to the proximity to people and property, often trees need to be managed for risk as well. Sometimes this means removal, sometimes it means prevention and sometimes it means taking curative measures. Wood-decay fungi are a very important category involving risk […]

Musings on Tree Work and Plant Health Care After 40 Years in the Industry

This is the first installment of a three-part series on the evolution of plant health care over the last 40 years, including some of the tools, people and practices that have influenced the author as well as the industry. Everyone has a story of how they came to be working in the arboriculture/plant-health-care industry. My […]

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