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CTSP Opens a Career Path for Carlos Ramirez

Someone yells, “Cut!” It’s mid-October, and we’re talking remotely with Carlos Ramirez, who is on site in the Tahoe National Forest in Northern California, east of Sacramento, where he is overseeing field-site safety for P31 Enterprises, Inc. “That’s the three-way-communication safety protocol,” he explains, making sure there’s a reply when arborists make the back cut, […]

CTSP Offers Valuable Skills in Training the Trainers

As a senior corporate safety trainer at Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC – which, along with its subsidiaries, employs about 33,000 people throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand and is home to thousands of pieces of equipment – part of Ray Apking’s job is to support the company’s roughly 195 regional safety personnel. Additionally, […]

¡Atención Arboristas – Entrenamiento en Español! Attention Arborists – Training in Spanish!

¡TCI Magazine ahora ofrece una nueva publicacion que destaca los resúmenes de capacitación de campo en inglés y español! Cuan genial es eso? TCI Magazine is now offering a new feature highlighting field-training summaries in English and Spanish languages! How cool is that? La ilustración principal este número es una ilustración de página-completa sobre cómo […]

CTSP Helps Advance David Vega’s Career at Arborwell

David Vega, safety training specialist at Arborwell – an accredited, 24-year TCIA member company headquartered in Hayward, California – is in charge of all the company’s formalized field training. That means Vega is the instructor, mentor and coach for the company’s 200 employees across all of Arborwell’s regions, stretching from San Diego to Seattle. He […]

CTSP Workshops Go Virtual!

In response to restrictions on public gatherings surrounding COVID-19, TCIA has accelerated its plan to launch workshops with both blended and alternative delivery methods. Most notably, we pivoted our approach with the Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) training to provide interactive, live, virtual workshops coupled with eLearning content and a virtually proctored certification exam. We […]

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