Workforce & Training

Progressive Training: One Size Does Not Fit All

Recently, I witnessed a two-person crew from a local tree care company setting up a job. Cones, wheel chocks, proper signage – all the indicators of a well-trained crew. Their leader set up a bucket truck, but before he began aerial operations, he took the other crew member to the chipper. What I saw next […]

Transferencia de cubo a árbol: Permanezca en el Aire

Transferring from Bucket to Tree: Stay in the Air A veces, el elevador aéreo simplemente no puede acceder a donde debe estar en el árbol. Aquí hay una breve introducción sobre cómo transferir cuidadosamente su posición desde el interior o cubeta al interior del árbol. Nada de esto debe intentarse sin un entrenamiento previo en […]

Apprenticeship Churns Out Line-Clearance Tree Workers in California

“Whoops” rang out as each trainee walked to the front of the class to claim a certificate. Those 11 happy souls had just graduated from a program at the College of the Sequoias in Tulare, California, with a completion document in Utility Line Clearance Arborist Training. To earn the credential, they took a five-week, 200-hour […]

Teamwork Makes Tree Work Work

We have all likely heard the cliché “teamwork makes the dream work.” Like most clichés, there is truth to that surface-level statement. Let’s take a practical, in-depth look at teamwork, the team itself and how the two affect our day-to-day reality as arborists. Without teamwork, what may be called a team is merely a collection […]

Competence in Arboriculture: Motivation

In a previous article, “Competence in Arboriculture” (TCI Magazine, January 2020), we discussed such topics as modalities of learning, how to build a training program and different resources to use when building your training program. In this article, we’ll expand on a subject we touched on in that article – motivation. How do those of […]

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