Workforce & Training

I Can’t Find Good Help

“I can’t find good help” … “Millennials aren’t coachable” … “People don’t want to work hard anymore” … “No one wants to do blue-collar work.” You hear people say these things all the time. I don’t necessarily believe them, but recruiting good people can be challenging. Let’s not debate these cliches. Let’s look at some […]

CTSP Training Motivates Brandy Brown to Find Creative Solutions

”You have to really understand how people learn and how important that is when you are teaching safety material,” says Brandy Brown, co-owner with her husband, Dustin, of Blue River Forestry & Tree Care in Boulder County, Colorado. That is why Brown, director of operations for the 25-employee company, which she says is well known […]

Truetimber Academy Director Jeff Inman Finds High Value in the CTSP Program

In 2017, when Scott Turner, owner of Truetimber Arborists, Inc., in Richmond, Virginia, saw a need in the industry for formalized training, the company formed its own three-year trade school – Truetimber Academy. Today, Jeffrey S. Inman, Jr., Truetimber Academy director and the company’s risk performance manager, has found lessons from TCIA’s Certified Treecare Safety […]

Training Your Replacement

Wherever you now stand in your career, you were once the “newbie” – the new employee, the new ground worker, the new trimmer, perhaps even the new owner. In each and every one of these changes – pages, if you will, in the story of your life – you were trained and you then needed […]

Where Are All the Workers?

Many tree care businesses are finding themselves short of the one thing they need to thrive and grow: workers. The Bank of America recently estimated that 4.6 million workers exited the labor force during the pandemic – but only half are expected to rejoin by the end of the year. How to coax those badly […]

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