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Knuckleboom Best Practices, Part 2: Grapple Saws

This is the second part of a two-part series. Part 1, “Knuckleboom Crane Best Practices in Tree Care,” also by Ben Heller, ran in the February 2020 issue of TCI. Click here to read Part 1. All knuckleboom-crane best practices apply to operating with a grapple saw, and there are some additional things to keep […]

Backpack Blowers: Tree Care’s Latest Indispensable Tools

The advent and growing popularity of backpack blowers doesn’t mean it’s time to retire the rake – but almost. The story of the birth of the backpack blower is interesting. Landscapers learned to convert one manufacturer’s small, engine-powered backpack sprayer into a blower to clean up garden beds. When that manufacturer then successfully re-engineered its […]

Talking About Chain-Saw Pants

Hablando de pantalones de motosierra I was out in Oregon this summer training contract workers to fell and remove thousands of trees damaged by the many wildfires. We were constantly navigating through steep, rugged terrain. There were tons of downed trees, branches and debris that would grab at your running saw, which put kickback and […]

Chat with the Virtual Summit’ 21 keynote speakers

Has this ever happened to you? You go to a tree care conference with the hope of talking directly to one of the featured industry speakers. They finish their amazing talk, and are immediately encircled by a horde of adoring arborist fans in what seems like a human-wall 30 heads deep. You flare your elbows […]

TCI Virtual Summit’ 21

TCI Virtual Summit is NOT your typical Zoom meeting! TCIA has built a robust program on a high-quality easy-to-use platform that will immerse you in the quality experience you expect from TCIA. EDUCATION 25 world-class business, safety and arboriculture sessions built to bring your business and skills to the next level. Live Q & A […]

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