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Ruthmann Reachmaster

Battery-Powered Compact Aerial Lifts Are Making Inroads in Tree Care

Battery-powered compact lifts likely will be an expanding and permanent fixture in tree care, though it’s too early to know to what extent and which technology may prevail. Depending on who you talk to, battery-powered compact (or tracked) lifts are either fully functional and capable of replacing gasoline and diesel models in tree care, or […]

Rope sling selection at Crane Safety Climber School 2023

Crane Training, When Does It Begin and End?

Before running a new piece of equipment, we read the operator’s manual. That’s the first step in figuring out how anything works, correct? I would say training begins day one for any job or task we choose. Some tasks may take longer and be more in depth than others. Some require continuing education or updates. […]

Buckingham Arborair Tree Climber Kit

Buckingham ArborairTree Climber Kit

Buckingham’s Arborair Tree Climber Kit is designed to be their lightest and most comfortable climber kit to date. A weight of just 5 pounds per pair makes it nearly 1 pound lighter than any existing Buckingham Climber Kit. It is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure points and to direct pressure to non-sensitive areas of the […]

Rope Logic Scannable technology

Rope LogicScannable technology

Rope Logic, a builder of custom rope solutions for a wide selection of rope from top manufacturers, will now include Scannable on all products the brand produces. Rope Logic, a Vertical Supply Group (VSG) brand, provides expert spliced and sewn products customized to fit the needs of professionals who work at height. Crafted solutions include […]

Mecalac new compact-loader line

Mecalac new compact-loader line

Mecalac now has a line of compact loaders new to the North American market. Comprised of six models, including the MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+ and MCL8, the series is designed for versatility and agility, with new hydraulic and maneuverability options, such as M-Drive and Speed Control. The M-Drive and Speed Control features are designed […]

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