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Thinking Critically About Life-Safety Carabiners

Choosing a carabiner for your climbing system, lanyard or redirect sling – all life-safety applications – seems like a simple process. Which brand, what style and, of course, which color do you like best? However, I’ve seen numerous instances of climbers using carabiners that do not meet the minimum safety standards for our profession. And […]

Climbers’ Work Wear: What Features Check the Boxes for You?

If clothes make the man – or woman, as the case may be – then what does that say about the choices in work wear made by climbers? Every piece of clothing a climber puts on must be functional in the extreme, so consequently, the choices he or she makes in work wear often reflect […]

Face Shields and Eye Protection: Why the Disconnect?

Back when I was getting started in the industry, I was cutting a fallen honey-locust tree by a community pool. As inexperienced people often do, I pinched the saw. Then, also as inexperienced people do, I went full throttle on the trigger while yanking the handle back and forth to try to free it. The […]

Wireless Headsets: What’s All the Yelling About?

Alex Kundrat has been in tree care for 45 years, starting when he was 15 years old. For the past several years, he’s run both his own tree care company, Cleveland, Ohio-based Alex’s Tree Service, Inc., and Speak Easy Communications Solutions, LLC, a three-year TCIA corporate member company, also based in Cleveland, that sells communication […]

Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw

Overall, the Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw is a well-built, versatile pole saw that gives our crew an extra measure of safety when working near electrical conductors. The really impressive thing about the Madsaw is that it is the only insulated, gas-powered pole saw on the market. (“Mad” is for minimum-approach-distance. The DEPS stands for dielectric pole […]

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