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What Drives Choices for Powered Pole Saws and Pruners?

Depending on your specialty, the power pole pruner or pole saw might be one of the most used cutters on a tree care truck. “I’ve heard of some climbers who climb with (power) pole pruners and that’s all they use, because they can work in one tree and prune three trees around it,” says Jack […]

Selecting Cut-Resistant Leg Protection

This article is based on a demonstration by Travis Vickerson at the TCI Magazine Trainer’s Test Kitchen demo area during TCI EXPO ’21 in Indianapolis, Indiana, in November. Let’s take a look at cut-resistant leg protection. I’ll talk about the two different types of products available – a tech fiber versus a bulk fiber – […]

Sennebogen 728E tree care handler

The new 728 E-Series tree care handler joins Sennebogen’s 718E and 738E handlers, introducing a longer working range on a transportable machine. The 728E is equipped with a compact boom and telescopic stick that can extend to a total reach of up to 69 feet. The pneumatic-tired undercarriage is designed to provide stability and mobility […]

Arbortech Skybox Chip Body

Arbortech has introduced what it is calling the industry’s first chip body with an integrated, retractable roof. The Skybox Chip Body features a pair of roof sections designed to quickly and easily slide forward, transforming the chip body into an open-roof vehicle capable of handling a variety of work-site tasks. The Skybox is a design […]

The Jail Brake Lowering Device

If you missed TCI EXPO this year, then you missed out on the industry debut of the Jail Brake, which may signal the next generation of lowering devices for arborists. This device brings an innovative design to basal friction for lowering. Cast from aluminum and machined to a polished finish, the Jail Brake is designed […]

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