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Guardair AirSpade 5000 Arbor and 5000 Utility Series air- excavation tools

Guard-air AirSpade 5000 Arbor and 5000 Utility Series air-excavation tools

Featuring in-line-style handles, Guard-air Corporation’s new AirSpade 5000 Arbor and 5000 Utility Series air-excavation tools are designed for applications where gripping the tool in the vertical position is preferred. Harnessing the power of compressed air, both tools incorporate the high-performance, proprietary AirSpade Supersonic Nozzle. This nozzle generates a laser-like air jet moving at twice the […]

Mecalac 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

Mecalac 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

Mecalac’s 7MWR Wheeled Excavator offers a revolutionary design intended to address pain points often encountered with small-wheeled excavators. The up-to-16,204-pound machine is designed for outstanding stability and is 20% lower to the ground than similar products, making it easier and safer for the operator to get in and out. The design also improves accessibility for […]

mock up of Groundwork's video-based sales system

Groundwork video-based sales system

Groundwork software is a virtual sales system that has been utilized in the hardscape/landscape industry and is now available for tree care companies. Groundwork, a new TCIA corporate member company based in Zionsville, Indiana, designed its system to make it easy for tree care companies to get video walk-throughs of proposed projects from property owners. […]

Haix North America’s Airpower XR23

Haix North America’s Airpower XR23 boot is built for anyone who is rough on boots. It is designed and engineered for landscapers, construction workers, machine operators or anyone out in the elements all day long. This boot features a composite safety toe with puncture protection and built-in arch support, and is made of European bull-hide […]

Setcom’s LiberatorMax wireless headsets

Setcom’s LiberatorMax is a multi-user intercom system designed for tree-service companies. It accommodates up to eight wireless, full-duplex users, and an unlimited number of listen-only headsets. Additionally, LiberatorMax has eight talk-group channels for increased flexibility. This system does not require pairing, installation or a base station. It is completely portable, giving users the freedom to […]

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