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Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw

Overall, the Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw is a well-built, versatile pole saw that gives our crew an extra measure of safety when working near electrical conductors. The really impressive thing about the Madsaw is that it is the only insulated, gas-powered pole saw on the market. (“Mad” is for minimum-approach-distance. The DEPS stands for dielectric pole […]

CAMP USA Gyro 4 rigging plate

CAMP USA’s Gyro 4 is a new 3D, swiveling rigging plate equipped with four connection points designed to rotate independently so as to allow them to be self-orienting, even in the most complex rigging scenarios. The patented Gyro system allows for countless possibilities of connection between different elements that need freedom of movement. The design […]

All Gear Bazooka color-blend climbing line

Don’t let All Gear’s new Bazooka blow you away! Bazooka is All Gear’s first color-blend rope that comes in ½-inch, 16-strand. Bazooka has a 16-strand, polyester jacket with an 8-strand, parallel, nylon core for extra strength. A firm braid of the outer jacket is designed for abrasion resistance for extended rope life. Bazooka can have […]

DICA FiberTech Outrigger Pads

DICA FiberTech Outrigger Pads are designed for situations in which extra rigidity is needed and weight is a concern. FiberTech pads are designed to spread outrigger loads and create stability for equipment such as mobile cranes, high-reach aerial devices and more. With crush ratings of up to 600 psi and rated capacities up to 170,000 […]

Samson ecologically responsible Amsteel-Blue rope

Samson Rope Technologies’ AmSteel-Blue, marketed as a winch line for arborists, is now available made from sustainable, bio-sourced fiber. This innovation utilizes the mass-balance approach to sourcing intended to reduce reliance on fossil-based resources. Because they are made from climate-neutral feedstock created using sustainable-forestry methods, Samson products with bio-sourced fiber will enable customers to reduce […]

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