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Bandit Model 1425 Track compact horizontal grinder

Bandit Industries’ new Model 1425 Track is designed to be a highly productive and compact horizontal grinder, with a durable, Caterpillar steel-track undercarriage that enables travel over a variety of landscapes. While adding tracks increased the capabilities of this unit, it is equipped with many of the same features as the tow-behind version. It is […]

Husqvarna X-Tough Light chain-saw bars

Husqvarna partnered with Sugihara/Diatop Co., Ltd., for its new X-Tough Light lightweight chain-saw bars. Made for everyday professional forestry and tree care work, X-Tough Light bars are designed to offer a combination of light weight, durability and cutting performance. These bars have a solid, lightweight body with hard resin inserts that reduce weight, intended to […]

Crary Bear Cat FC400 Chipper

The new FC400 Chipper from Crary Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Crary Bear Cat outdoor power equipment, is a 4-inch-capacity machine designed to handle brush and small tree limbs. The FC400 is powered by a 420cc Briggs & Stratton XR Professional Series engine with an easy-starting, 4L matched-belt drive. A strategically engineered, gravity-fed operation handles materials […]

Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw

Overall, the Husqvarna 525DEPS Madsaw is a well-built, versatile pole saw that gives our crew an extra measure of safety when working near electrical conductors. The really impressive thing about the Madsaw is that it is the only insulated, gas-powered pole saw on the market. (“Mad” is for minimum-approach-distance. The DEPS stands for dielectric pole […]

CAMP USA Gyro 4 rigging plate

CAMP USA’s Gyro 4 is a new 3D, swiveling rigging plate equipped with four connection points designed to rotate independently so as to allow them to be self-orienting, even in the most complex rigging scenarios. The patented Gyro system allows for countless possibilities of connection between different elements that need freedom of movement. The design […]

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