Know Your Learning Style!

Modern arborists can be identified as professionals in the tree care industry who recognize the importance of staying current with research and best-management practices. They seek to improve their personal and professional potential through achievements such as earning industry credentials, such as TCIA’s Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) and the ISA’s Certified Arborist. Many arborists […]

Why You Should Care About TCIA’s Online Education

Many of TCIA’s education and training programs are now available online. We sat down with Bryan Dalton, TCIA’s vice president of training & credentialing, to learn what this means for tree care workers and employers. Q. What is the first thing readers should know about TCIA’s online learning opportunities? A: The first thing is that […]

Patient Assessment for Tree Crews

Let’s talk patient assessment. If we look back at the progress of aerial rescue (AR), we can see the industry trending toward an emphasis on the patient and their condition rather than getting up the rope and back down with the patient as quickly as possible. My point is, the emphasis on speed alone can […]

Longevity as an Arborist

The topic of longevity continues to arise as a major discussion point among my peers. This has invoked a desire for me to ponder my history in this amazing industry and the events that helped me not only stay focused but allowed me to progress regularly over time. While I do not believe my path […]

Knowing the Z: It’s All in the Numbers

Tree removals and pruning are common arboricultural operations. But not everyone engaged in these operations might fit the title of arborist. At least not who we think of as arborists. Ground workers, landscapers and site-preparation contractors are all workers who may be engaged in arboriculture – managing trees outside of agricultural and forestry settings. This […]

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