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Online marketing book for tree service companies

Tree Care Marketing Solutions: The Value of “Marketing for Arborists, by Arborists”

Monica Hemingway knows the value of being a licensed arborist when it comes to guiding other arborists with their digital and online marketing needs. “As arborists and former owners of tree care and landscape companies, we know how tree-service businesses operate and the issues they face,” notes Hemingway. “That helps us deliver best-in-class results with […]

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan: The How and Why of Successful Marketing

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked when visiting with small-business owners is, “What marketing should I do to grow my business?” For starters, it’s important to understand what the term “marketing” really means. It also is important to understand the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. Simply put, the marketing […]

Sales Tools in Arboriculture: The Second-Most Important Tool

We may be living in the “Golden Age of Arbor Care!” Both science and technology have advanced to new levels – new tree cultivars and hybrids, and new exotic pests and diseases that keep cropping up. And we are dealing with them all. There is an elevated interest in our society for “green living,” and […]

A Successful Sales Process Outline

Disclaimer: Like most things I write about, these are not my ideas. I have been extremely fortunate to have known and learned from a number of exceptional arborist sales representatives. This is not the only way, but if you put this sales strategy into practice, you will win more than you lose. The best way […]

Anatomy of a TCIA-Inspired Sales Summit

While in Kauai, Hawaii, last February enjoying TCIA’s Winter Management Conference (WMC) 2022, I had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with Mike Earl. Mike, a CTSP and Certified Arborist, is owner of Old Growth Tree Service, LLC, an accredited, seven-year TCIA member company based in Eagle, Colorado, near Vail. Mike and […]

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