Letters to the Editor

Letters, Emails & Voicemail July 2023

Info on uncoated wires could be misleading I just received the June 2023 issue and am looking at the article, “Incidental Line Clearance: What Arborists Need to Know About Working Around Electric Utilities,” by Geoff Kempter and Stephen Hilbert. You guys have some good information in here, but there’s some really dangerous and bad information […]

Letters, Emails & Voicemails September 2022

Kudos on “Internal Customers” column Your Outlook piece, “Internal Customers,” was excellent. In my experience, most companies in our profession consistently under-invest in professional (and personal) development for their teams. Going further, it’s my observation that many companies tend to view employees as “production resources” rather than people, and fail to provide a work environment […]

Letters, Emails & Voicemails August 2022

“Not for the Knotless” – Untying a rigging knot for 40 years I read “Not for the Knotless – Untying Rigging Knots” by Aaron Feather, in the June 2022 issue, with a smile, thinking about my introduction to untying knots. The guys I worked with were nice enough to show me the key for a […]

Letters, Emails & Voicemail June 2022

Rick Howland takes a bow To TCIA and its members: After a 56-year career as a journalist, ranging from crime reporter to magazine owner/publisher to running my own pr/advertising agency, and including 28 years writing for TCI Magazine, with my May 2022 TCI article I’m calling it a career – I’m retired. I thank you […]

Unplanned events

I just read your (Peter Gerstenberger’s) Outlook column, “Unplanned Events,” in the April 2022 issue of TCI Magazine, and totally agree with what you have said. Years ago, Tim Walsh (CTSP, now director of corporate safety at The Davey Tree Expert Company) said something similar to what you wrote about, but we both changed it […]

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