Is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Right for You?

Business owners are always thinking about the future of their businesses, but how often does that thinking include succession planning? The facts are that more than half of small to mid-size private companies do not have a succession or exit strategy in place. Many believe that succession is merely turning over the company to a […]

Arborist Accounting: It’s All About the Numbers

Let’s face it, keeping up with accounting is nowhere close to the excitement that comes from setting a climbing line with a Big-Shot, suiting up in your climbing harness, hearing the “clicks” when attaching your multi-colored carabiners and lanyards, making a smooth climb with your Unicender and finally taking in a view at 100-plus feet. […]

Entertainment Write-offs: The Fun Side of Taxes

Taxes can be fun? Well, not exactly, but our federal tax rules do permit write-offs and deductions for a number of enjoyable activities, events and other expenditures made by a tree care or landscape-maintenance business in the pursuit of income, happy employees and content owners. Although much has been said and written about tax-deductible picnics […]

Tariffs Affecting Prices on Climbing Gear and Other Tree Care Equipment

The impact of U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods has been minimal on the tree care industry to date, with the higher price of goods being passed on to consumers in the form of higher costs for gear and equipment in only a few areas. But, with a new round of tariffs pending, that could soon […]

Navigating the Purchase or Sale of a Used, Truck-Mounted Aerial Lift

“Buying a used aerial lift is like buying a used car.” That’s how several of the sources for this article described the buying experience. The big difference is that you’re actually buying two used pieces of machinery – the chassis and the lift. However, they all agree that with some due diligence, a buyer should […]

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