Permission, and document conditions before entering neighbor’s yard to gain access

Be Careful Using the Neighbor’s Yard to Gain Access

As an insurance advisor to the tree care and landscape industries, I often receive calls from my clients in regard to using a neighbor’s yard to access their client’s property. Unfortunately, the call is usually reactive and a little too late. In most of the cases I have discussed or have had to file claims […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

It was late spring 1986. I was excited to have a job working with a great mentor at a small tree company. At just 19, I knew less than nothing. I loved what I was doing and was eager to learn. There were only three full-time employees and a few subcontractors, sole proprietors who would […]

overhead shot of six people and many white trucks with green backs

You, Too, Can Get a Million-Dollar Loan

The people I’ve worked with throughout the years, today I’m doing a deal for them for a million dollars, but I started out with a $20,000 deal, and it gradually went up,” says JoAnn Cucciarre, making a point echoed by many other equipment-finance professionals working with the tree care industry. “Normally, someone doesn’t come to […]

Five Revenue-Generating Strategies to Power Up Your Tree Service

Business growth takes time, energy and consistency. Sound familiar? Sort of like what it takes for a tree to grow. In fact, we can look to trees as a model to follow in building a sustainable tree care service. Let’s consider the following areas: roots, trunk and branches. The foundation of your company is like […]

discussing credit in commercial lending near a white truck

The Importance of Credit in Commercial Lending

Many times customers, especially those just getting started in the industry, wonder why credit is so important in commercial lending. I can tell you, sometimes it’s easier to buy a brand-new car than a used piece of equipment. In this article, we will go over the importance of credit in commercial lending. Let’s start with […]

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